Mayfield Athletics CEO & Founder, Justin Summerville, had an idea to make the game of football safer for every player. And so, in 2014, he set out to make a difference!


First Conceptual drawings

Formation of Hobart Mayfield LLC

First Shark Tank Pitch




Patent Filed for “Shock Absorbing Football Equipment”

First 3D printed prototypes made

Gen 1 prototype made







Device officially named S.A.F.E.Clip (Shock Absorbing Football Equipment)

Generation 2 and Generation 3 SAFEClips are produced

Sorbothane is selected as best absorbtion material

First functional prototypes are produced

Testing to NOCSAE standards begins (at NOCSAE approved labs of course)

1st test results shows force reduction of impact to the face at 25%


SAFEClip completes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, rounds of testing

Gen 4 SAFEClip produced and tested

All tests show consistent 20%+ reduction in force from a blow to the facemask with the some scenarios showing up to 28%

SAFEClip attends its first football convention to pitch product

SAFEClip is invited to present to the MHSFCA (Michigan High School Football Coaches Association)

SAFEClip gains fully pantented status. (P#9750298B2)

Hobart Mayfield takes on investors to build the business



Hobart Mayfield re-brands to Mayfield Athletics

Gen 5 SAFEClip is built with drastic cosmetic improvements, color options, hardward options, and improved force reductions

SAFEClip gains endorsement from MHSFCA

7th and 8th rounds of testing take place

Mayfield Athletics merges with market leader Zuti Facemasks (a facemask manufacurer producing premium made, fully cast, facemasks)

SAFEclip begins distributing SAFEClips to consumers



Generation 2 Clip Production started and samples sent to first schools


In 2006, Zack Lystedt took one hit to his helmet – that changed his life forever. Our goal is to significantly reduce the risk of permanent brain injury due to football g-force impact.

Commitment to Community

We believe in making the game safer for ALL football players. That’s why we work with non-profit organizations, such as Methodist Home, to provide SAFEClips for their youth teams. Do you have an initiative you’d like for us to know about? Drop us a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are S.A.F.E.Clip’s Competitors? 

SAFEClip is the only product of its type. It is fully patented and totally unique!

How long is S.A.F.E.Clip’s lifespan? 

A: We follow the same recommendation as all helmet manufacturers, which is a two year lifespan.  Although we use high quality materials whose individual properties and usage last well beyond this 2 year time frame, we recommend replacing the clips every 2 years to keep the clip in good working order.