Because one of the biggest and most controversial football related injury topics is head injury and concussions, athletic organizations all over the country are taking measures to increase safety for its players.

Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan has outfitted each and every one of its football players’ helmets with our innovative facemask clip that reduces g-force impact by up to 35 percent. SAFE (shock absorbing football equipment) Clip is a proprietary alternative to the standard issued facemask clip, which is generally a plastic composite that has no shock absorption and can easily break.

We talked with head coach Bud Rowley, as well as the school’s athletic director, trainer and a couple of senior players. From every perspective, SAFE Clip has already proven to be an asset.

“Our school administration is way ahead of the curve,” says Rowley. When the Athletic Department was presented with the idea of installing SAFEClips on all of the players’ helmets, there was no hesitation at all. “We are here to take care of the kids, and have them play a very, very tough game, and keep it as safe as possible.”

It’s happened all too often – a high school football player suffers from a head injury, subsequently altering his future plans. We know these kids have ambitions to go to college, or become entrepreneurs, or start movements.

Lochlan Palmrose is a senior football player and a 4.0 GPA student at Oxford High. He is planning to attend University of Michigan or Chicago to study law, finance and political science. After just a couple of weeks of playing football with the SAFEClip on his helmet, he says “I’ve definitely noticed from last year to this year, this year I’ve had a lot of major head hits, but they aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be.”

Senior player Joe Vackaro recalls last season when he suffered from several hard impacts that made him have to constantly adjust his facemask. “Last year, I was always adjusting my helmet to make it tighter because I always get hit in the head. This year, I haven’t adjusted it and it hasn’t hurt my head that much.” When our co-founder, Rich Williams, asked him if he had made any other modifications to his helmet, his reply was, “the only thing that has changed is having SAFEClip, I even have the exact same helmet as last year.”

This is a huge testament to the powerful difference SAFEClip makes in the game of football. We invented SAFEClip to reduce fears of concussion and head injuries, for parents and players. Even though our research has already proven what we know, that g-force impact of helmet to helmet hits is reduced up to 28 percent with SAFEClip, it’s a blessing to hear it from student players.