Football Helmet Facemask Clips are easy to add to your existing helmet.

Watch the video or read the instructions to learn how!

SAFEClip is constructed of shock absorbing sorbothane, polyethylene and stainless steel.

Stainless Steel (Stainless 304)


85 Durometer Sorbothane


Stainless Steel (Stainless 303)

To assemble SAFEClip, follow these directions.

First, you want to remove the existing facemask clips from your helmet. You can do this with a standard screwdriver.

Then, open your SAFEClip box and go ahead and unscrew the hardware so that you have five separate pieces (as noted above).

Step 1

Using your hands, open the BODY so that the rounded groove can slide over the facemask and snap into place. 

Step 2

Next, add the top plate as pictured. Place the sorbothane insert into the bottom of the body, next to the top plate (matching rounded edges together). 

Step 3

Place the nut plate into the mounting hole. Align the facemask with the mounting hole and add the top screw through the top plate. 

Step 4

Secure the SAFEClip with a phillips head screwdriver until hand tight. Repeat these steps for each clip on the helmet. Your SAFEClips are now installed!